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Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O.

Originally from New York, Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O. attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and obtained his medical degree from ATSU- KCOM in Missouri. Upon returning to New York, Lawrence Jaeger completed his specialty training in the field of Dermatology through internships in medicine and surgery. He was named “Chief Resident” at St. Barnabas Hospital an affiliate of New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center and became an “Instructor of Dermatology” at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O.- NYC's Leading Dermatology Group |Medical, Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatology (PRNewsFoto/Advanced Dermatology Associates)

New York’s Leading Dermatology Group: Medical Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology (PRNewsFoto/Advanced Dermatology Associates)

Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O. is an expert Medical, Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatologist with over 25 years experience treating patients suffering from a wide range of Dermatological conditions, skin diseases and growths. He is the Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates, a network of Dermatology treatment centers in New York City. Since 1991, Advanced Dermatology Associated has grown to become the largest privately owned practice in The Bronx.


Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O. | Central Park Medical AssociatesLarry Jaeger as a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine, specializes in the field of Dermatology. Since 1991, he has maintained a long-term commitment providing affordable Dermatological treatments and therapies for patients suffering from all forms of skin diseases and disorders. This includes medical conditions from Acne and Dermatitis outbreaks, to complex treatments for Melanomas and advanced or non-surgical Hair Restoration therapies. Dr. Lawrence Jaeger has established longevity as a medical practice by providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatments with a focus on delivering compassionate, professional care.

Dr. Jaeger is also the founder and owner of Central Park Medical Associates, a private and confidential STD testing and treatment facility. Located at 200 Central Park South, Suite 107 in Columbus Circle – Central Park Medical Associates is highly esteemed for its reliability and accuracy regrading test results. Dr. Lawrence Jaeger and his board certified staff of medical professionals are C.L.I.A approved and available to offer same day testing and results for HIV, as well as complete STD panel testing.

Central Park Medical Associates provides testing and treatments for the following conditions:
Genital Warts
Herpes I & II
– Hepatitis
– and other STDs

 Lawrence D. Jaeger D.O. at 200 Central Park South NYC 10019



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American Osteopathic Association (PRNewsFoto/American Osteopathic Association)

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