How Your Pillow, Cell Phone & Hands Can Cause Acne


Dirt Causes Acne

Lawrence Jaeger, NYC Dermatologist and founder and Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates in New York provides useful information on skin, hair and nails – This blog we are discussing how your pillow, cell phone and hands can cause acne or acne outbreak?

While we are all revving up to boost our beauty in the New Year with resolutions, sometimes remembering the simplest tips can make all the difference.

Want clearer skin all year long and beyond? Consider these simple clean skin tips:

Don’t Get All Handsy. It’s hard to realize this, but throughout the day we touch our faces a lot. That wouldn’t really be a problem, except for the fact that we’re touching tons of other surfaces, making our hands a Petri dish for germs and other unwanted bacteria. Did you know that there could be over 300,000 bacteria on the human hand?

So commit to this optimum skin care creed: Once your moisturizer and makeup are on, make it a point not to break this seal with your hands, unless you’ve consciously washed them. You’ll be doing your face a big favor.

Smartphone Needs Skin. Another unassuming way your skin could be sprouting blemishes and breakouts is thanks to your cell phone. It’s always in your hands; left on many surfaces, and then it touches your face.

Did you know that the average cell phone has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet?! What’s worse is our phones are breeding grounds for bacteria to further grow thanks to the warm places we keep them like our pockets and of course our hands. Resolve to a wipe your phone down often!

Clean Pillow Talk. Another culprit in the struggle for clear skin could be where you rest your head every night. Ever go to bed with your skin looking just fine and wake up with a blemish?

Remember to wash your pillowcase frequently. While some think a satin case is best, whatever material you choose can transfer dirt and oil back to your face if you don’t keep it squeaky clean.

It’s simple. The more you take into consideration of what touches your face – i.e. pillow, cell phone & hands — becomes the basis for establishing healthier skin.

Three Expert Tips To Clearer, Cleaner, Brighter Skin.