Modern Exfoliation

Modern skin care services are noninvasive, have little downtime and allow for skin care professionals to combine multiple treatment modalities. The key to success for practicing estheticians is the tools and products they use, and their level of training with a commitment to continuing education. This includes having a thorough understanding of how each treatment
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Acne Vulgaris Treatments


Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is an expert medical Dermatologist treating patients with Acne Vulgaris at Advanced Dermatology Associates in New York Acne Vulgaris: Acne signs and symptoms vary depending on the severity of your condition: Whiteheads (closed plugged pores) Blackheads (open plugged pores — the oil turns brown when it is exposed to air) Small red,
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Menopause Affects Skin


On behalf of Dr. Lawrence Jaeger and the medical staff at Advanced Dermatology Associates, ensuring optimum health is a choice of life for everyone, is a number one goal. As the leading Dermatologist provider network in New York City, we strongly encourage both men and women to educate themselves with the proper knowledge and to
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8 Acne Blunders: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Acne

Acne-prone skin is a condition that affects many professional skin care clients. Yet, both consumers and estheticians are sometimes disappointed with results of treatment. There are some very important factors in acne development and treatment that are frequently forgotten or overlooked. Keeping these in mind can make a big difference in treatment success. 1. Don’t
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