7 Foods to Clear your Skin

Many eat right to lose weight or to have more energy, but did you know certain foods can also help clear your skin? Acne can be caused by a range of factors from stress to hormone fluctuations, but a small change in your diet may be able to lower your amount of break outs and increase skin glow. Next time you are at the grocery store look for the foods below to have clearer, more beautiful skin.

  1. Dark Berries: These fruits are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that can prevent or help the effect of free radicals, which start the oxidation process and lead to bad skin. Oxidation causes damage from oxygen and may lead to cell dysfunction. For example, when you peel an apple, the apple begins to turn brown, this is the oxidation process. Antioxidants block the effects of free radicals and leave you with better looking skin.
  2. Nuts: Acne can be caused by deficiencies in minerals such as zinc and selenium. Therefore, nuts may help clear up your skin! Pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts are particularly high in zinc and selenium and are a good snack to add to your diet routine. Selenium helps to actively increase the number of infection-fighting white blood cells in the body and strengthens the cells fighting power.
  3. Oat Milk: Some have seen positive skin results after eliminating dairy products from their diet. Oat milk is a good substitute for milk as well as high in fiber, lactose free, and particularly high in vitamin E and folic acid, which supports healthy skin. Try a carton of oak milk for a few weeks and monitor your skin results.
  4. Brown Rice: Swapping white rice for brown rice can steady sugar levels, which may be linked to good skin health. Brown rice is rich in B vitamins, protein, selenium and magnesium. Brown rice even contains antioxidants. This wholegrain releases energy slowly throughout the day and regulates your sugar levels unlike processed carbohydrates.
  5. Avocado: Looking to add a glow to your skin? Avocados are known to boost skin’s vitality and luminosity. Avocados also contain vitamin C, known to decrease skin inflammations. The oil from avocados may fuel the production of collagen in the skin, which improves its tone and texture.
  6. Garlic: Garlic contains allicin, a naturally occurring chemical, which reacts with your blood and fights off many harmful bacteria and viruses in your body, some that may cause acne and other skin infections. Garlic is most beneficial raw. Try chopping garlic finely and sprinkling it on your food. Just don’t forget to pop in a mint after your meal!
  7. Oily Fish: Fish like Mackerel and Salmon can lead to glowing, vibrant complexions and spot-free skin. These fish contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which battle acne inflammation.

If these changes in your diet don’t leave you with the complexion you’ve always wanted or you are seeking professional advice, visit a dermatologist, like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger, in your area. Together, your doctor and you can map out a skin care plan to leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Source: Glamour