5 Common Skincare Mistakes

Our skincare routines vary across the board because everyone’s skin is unique, however many of us are making the same mistakes on a daily basis. Take these 5 tips into account and see if your skin takes a turn for the better!

  1. Not knowing your skin: Everyone’s skin is different. It is important to know your skin problems and look for products formulated for your skin. This is a common mistake. Friends give each other advice based on their personal skincare routine, but it may not always apply to your distinctive skin. Borrowing a friend’s skin products could end up harming your skin in the long run, rather than helping.
  2. Picking at your skin: Stop! Hands down! It is hard to resist, but picking at blemishes can cause them to stick around a lot longer. Our hands are dirty and by constantly touching our face and blemishes we are contributing to clogged pores. Picking at your blemishes can also cause scaring and dark spots.
  3. Exfoliating too often: Exfoliating can lead to smoother and younger-looking skin, but people can often make the mistake of exfoliating too much. If you exfoliate too often you can damage the moisture barrier, which can result in flaking, dehydration and inflation. It may even cause destruction of healthy cells. It is recommended to exfoliate only two or three times a week, no more.
  4. Not wearing sunscreen daily: Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. It cannot be reiterated enough. The biggest factor in skin aging prematurely is sunlight and harmful UV rays. Many do not even realize when they are being exposed to damaging rays. For example, you are exposed to UV rays while driving in the car, sitting by a window, or walking outside on a cloudy day. This is why it is vital to apply sunscreen each morning.
  5. Alcohol-based toners: Many skincare specialists recommend for toner to be incorporated into the daily skin routine, but remember to look out for alcohol-based toners. These toners often leave the skin dehydrated and increase dull cell buildup. Alcohol-free toners remove drying chlorines and minerals found in tap water. The right toner can help your skin look younger and fresher throughout the day.

If you are struggling with one or more of these common mistakes, talk to your dermatologist and together you can work out a strategy to improve your skincare.

Source: Forbes